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Psychotherapy Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be a beneficial tool which can offer not only personal relief, but also a safe avenue to gain personal insight.


As a therapist, I am committed towards helping others reflect and feel empowered from our common challenges. Therapy is a multi-faceted discipline, and works best when a client’s treatment needs and personality are incorporated.


Through mutual exploration it is my goal to help clients cultivate greater self awareness and acceptance.

Family Therapy

Whether you are seeking family therapy to resolve family conflict or simply wanting to improve family dynamics and communication, family therapy can be a powerful intervention.


During family treatment, I seek to provide support and assistance to each family member as we work towards strengthening communication and familial unity.  Family therapy can help to address a multitude of issues while helping to bring out faulty and harmful patterns.  While working with families, I am cautious of each family member’s need to be listened to and understood.


I provide a healthy therapeutic environment, which promotes healing and more meaningful family interaction.

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