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Thank You, Major and Champ

Who let the dogs out?

Who, who, who, who, who?

Many of us feel nostalgic about this hit song from the 2000s and the beautiful reality that there are dogs back in the White House.

Dogs have been missing for many of us the past four years because we understand the many benefits and unconditional love dogs radiate. Dogs are simply the best thing ever.

As dogs, you bring about such opportunities for us to connect to something that can see us on a deeper level while providing kindness and taking ourselves out of our constant self-judgment.

Your wuvable presence makes many of us feel happier and more secure. You continue to be open to this new adventure while blessing your beloved owners through your wagging tails and soulful eyes. You are helping us all.

Major and Champ, thank you and welcome to the White House. As we are heading in a new direction, I find it so universally necessary for you both to be a part of our collective healing. You will help watch out for us while giving the ones around you a sense of connection and unconditional love. We all need that, especially people who have positions of power.

I admire that you both continue to adjust well to new situations while maintaining your attitude and grace. You, Animals, have a natural way towards doing this that is astonishing. We humans often can't return as quickly to a place of peace of love. You animals are experts at this and model to us humans that this is possible if we slow down.

I also did not know until recently that you are both rescues. You both choose a wonderful home, and a wonderful home found you in return. You must each had challenging experiences, possibly some emotional or physical trauma; however, you maintained your ability to love, and now you are loved in significant ways.

President Biden knows about trauma. He has healed through many traumas, which makes it so unique that he is helping us all recover from our collective trauma.

You both have tremendous resilience, just like our nation. Our nations' strength is feeling challenged right now, and you both again are helping with your loveable and powerful energy.

For those who might not see the value of your presence, well, I know you have bigger bones to find. It must be hard as a dog not to have everyone love you; it can be excruciating as a human.

Let's remember that not everyone is a dog person, and that is ok. You are still so worthy of your new address and of the healing you help facilitate through your unconditional love.

I have a dog too, and she is everything to me. Her name is Poppy, and she is a loving and tenacious French Bulldog. We have become best friends, and has provided me with the unconditional love I have needed to be who I am.

I am sure President Biden and First Lady Dr. Biden know this same feeling. I again thank you for your service of love to them and us all.

Again you aren't just any dogs, but you are our nation's dogs, and you are part of the healing that's set to take place.

May you enjoy your new home, continue to be healthy, and bless all with your presence.

Now, have fun on that south lawn, and continue to spread your love.

With love and admiration,

Hillary and Poppy


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