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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Hi Friends, Breathe in, Breathe OUT, and let’s do that like 80 percent more than usual, at least until next week, when Mercury in Retrograde (MIR) ends. Which is in five more days 3/28!!!!!! Have you noticed that the last two and a half weeks have been frustrating, aggravating, and beyond F’ed up? Well, I have, and I have seen it play out in ways which are still blowing my mind. I have seen it personally, and peripherally with clients, my trips to Starbucks, and even at my safest places. I see and feel an overall sense of frustration and aggravation among many (myself included) which is making everything we have to handle even more stressful. Energy is contagious, and right now the energy is INTENSE! During MIR logistical stuff we often take for granted is not as safe or reliable. Not only the way we are interacting is being challenged, but also the devices we use to communicate are having issues.

Whose cell phone, computer, or something else they rely on has been acting shady? Well, this is a sign of MIR happening, and a moment where our frustrations are being tested on the spot… I am sure something is popping up for you now which you now can identify as a MIR hiccup... Again Breathe in and Out. I am….

And I had to the other day after MIR deleted five pages of a project I was working on. I was pissed, and felt victim to MIR….. Like super pissed, and that’s not me…. I have the nickname CHILLARY for a reason. :)

So what did I do? I grabbed my journal to regroup, I let it out and I breathed… Like really breathed. When I felt like I had realigned I took reasonable action to get back in the flow… AND THAT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! I walked to my favorite cafe to get a healthy meal, where I ran into an old friend offering another moment to realign with me, and not the craziness. My friend and I were even laughing about all the weird vibes! Thanks, chica, and to the universe, I needed that moment! We have to ride this wave of intensity knowing that it is temporary, as all things are.

MIR will end next week, but my question is how we can navigate through this intensity while being kind to ourselves and surrendering to things beyond our control? How can we recognize our resilience and our desire for personal growth during a funky energetic time? How can we use this time to slow down and reflect on things that are working and not working for us? Trust me I am frustrated with MIR however, I am coping by seeing it as an opportunity to celebrate my personal growth, and my ability to just keep swimming. I think we all have this ability if we choose to SLOW DOWN while not joining the craziness and intensity of right now.

Instead of panic and feeling overwhelmed, let us seek the light! Our light, and the light that exists around us. I know its hard to spot positivity in a time that seems dark to most of us, but trust me it’s there. This is just a time where we have to look harder to find it within ourselves and communities. I am here to keep this BLOG simple and to the point…

We are all feeling the intensity, so please be kind to yourself and others

We all benefit when we grow, and though this is a challenging time, its the perfect time to plant new seeds, so that new energy can make its way into the open. Positive energy which enriches us, and the world! I will be writing more this week, and I am here to support YOU! I will be sharing some more coping skills and insight into how we can SLOW DOWN in order to MOVE FORWARD. Till then let us BREATHE and find a way to connect to joy.. Xoxo, Hillary

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