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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Hello Beautiful Loves,

I am writing with some anxiety, a bit of writer’s anxiety mixed in with some overall anxiety and embarrassment about rebooting my blog after a two-year hiatus and only one post.

What happened to your blog, Hillary? That's what I have heard over and over again from others and most overwhelmingly myself.

So what happened?

I had a plan and mission to write about a Mental Health topic monthly while exploring how I see it playing out within not only my work as a Therapist, but within our overall society. Our society is now more than ever in need of Psychoeducation and support and I believe now is the time to use my voice to help others.

As a therapist, I am always helping my clients cultivate new coping skills and outlets that they can put in their emotional “toolbox”. I am proud to say that I have followed my own advice and have found resources to help give me the confidence and affirmation to revisit the work and mission of this blog.

The last two years have been intense time for self-exploration for me. In addition to continuing my work as a Therapist in Private Practice, I also became a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Yoga has been a passion of mine for close to a decade. When I had the opportunity to train to become a teacher, I knew it was the right decision for me, and felt so natural. Although I am primarily dedicated to being a full time Therapist, I find my training in Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness to be incredibly beneficial to not only my work with clients, but also within own life.

In addition to my Yoga education, I have also submersed myself in the readings and teachings of Marie Forelo and Gabrielle Bernstein. Both of these incredible women have helped me see how I can help others in a bigger way while doing what I LOVE- being a positive support to others wherever they are, in times of challenge and in times of triumph.

Both of these powerful women are unapologetic about not only their success but also the difference and impact they have made to so many men and women across the globe.

After attending Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Class in NYC, I have come away not only feeling more purposeful but also powerful. Gabby’s spirit and teachings about showing up for your mission while also being spiritually aligned with your work has motivated me to step into my light in a bigger and more profound way.

I hope you all are willing to give me a second chance at this BLOG. Knowing that I have the tools and confidence to stay accountable this time. I have the purpose to educate and support others who are struggling, because I know what struggle feels like. I also know what growth feels like. I believe struggle leads to growth and that is the journey we all find ourselves on at some point or another.

I have the next two months’ topics for my BLOG already assigned which will help keep me on schedule. If anyone has anything in particular they would like more education on, please feel free to reach out. Again my priority is to help educate about Mental Health while, spreading awareness and compassion.

I humbly thank you for this second chance. I hope to see this BLOG become a real tool towards opening the discussion about why Mental Health is so vital within our lives and the lives of the ones we love.

I will be posting my next BLOG every first Friday of the Month…. I am excited about my next entry which I have already chosen.

For July's post I will be researching and writing about Avoidant Personality Disorder, something which I myself relate too and continue to want to understand. Pretty Ironic right? (Yes, I want humor to be present! in this BLOG)

In addition to researching these topics, I will continue to provide resources in regards to the featured topic, in order to keep the discussion going. Books, movies, and other tools which are applicable will be provided.

In the meantime, thank you again to everyone who has encouraged me to use my voice, knowledge and my open heart. I promise to show up every month with the courage and purpose I know that is within me.

Till next time,

Shanti my friends, (Shanti means peace in Hindu)

Hillary :)

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